Are you looking for a trusted, experienced, professional to walk your dog?

Then look no further. At Pawsome, we will love and care for your precious pet, like they're our own and ensure they are both physically and mentally stimulated every day.


"Lisa and Steve have been amazing -  Nothing is too much trouble and the knowledge they have is exceptional!

We would 1000% recommend Pawsome Dog Care"!

- R.Young 


Just like us, dogs are highly social creatures and whilst of course they love their owners, they also love the company of other dogs.


Many of our four-legged family members spend a lot of time alone at home while you’re at work or just to busy to give them the exercise they need and just like humans, dogs get bored and lonely, after just a few hours.


At Pawsome Dog Walking we ensure that your precious pup will experience new things, smell new scents, and enjoy unrivalled happy playtime with other dogs.


Experienced Dog Handlers

We have extensive experience in handling a wide variety of dog breeds and understand their particular behaviours and needs

Fully Adapted Dog Transport

Your dog will only ever be transported in a climate controlled specially adapted vehicle. Fitted with safe, comfortable, purpose made cages.

Fully Insured & DBS Checked

 We are fully insured for dog transport and keyholding.

We hold full & comprehensive Dog Walking and Day Care insurance with Clivedon

Pet Safety

Unlike many other dog walking companies, we only ever walk dogs in groups of 4 per walker and we walk the same small groups of dogs at the same time-slot each day so your dog has a consistent and safe routine

100% Reliability

Unless an adverse weather risk assessment deems it unsafe to walk your dog, come rain or shine, sun or snow, rest assured our daily scheduled service  will be there every time. 

Customer Service

With text notifications and detailed visit reports, you’ll never have to wonder if your dog is home safe  after each walk and your property is secured .

Every Walk at Pawsome


Keeping your Dog both physically and mentally active every day.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Here's a small sample of what our wonderful client's say

"Lisa at Pawsome is an amazing person who looks after my dogs as if they were her own. No matter what the weather Lisa always turns up on time to walk my two dogs and she always gives their muddy paws a clean before dropping them back home. 


Lisa doesn’t just walk them she plays games with them and since she has been walking them their recall and socialisation with other dogs has come on leaps and bounds.  Every time they get walked Lisa gives me an update of what they got up to on their adventures. 


I don’t know what we would do without Lisa and my dogs adore her" 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gill Lee

West Totton

"I’ve been using Pawsome Dog Walking for nearly two years and their service is just the best! Lisa is brilliant with dogs and I’m always amazed how well behaved all the dogs are whilst out on their walk with her.


Flora, my Border Terrier, simply adores her! It’s great too that Lisa always ensures that Flora is returned washed and clean after a muddy walk in the forest. Lisa is completely trustworthy and I can’t recommend her more highly.  


Thank you Lisa for your wonderful service.


Grainne Crooks


“Lisa is simply incredible. She adores all the dogs she walks and treats them like they’re her own - she genuinely cares about them and what’s best for each and every one individually. So many dog walkers get complacent and just see it as a job to earn money - being back on the dot of 1 hour, walking with the dogs, but not interacting, playing and training them - lisa does all of the above continuously - she goes way above and beyond in all aspects and gives them the BEST experience every single walk.


 Bella, my Golden Retriever, absolutely loves being out with Lisa and ‘the pack’ - she’s a nightmare for coming out of water and Lisa has worked unconditionally over the past 18 months to help train her and work with Bella to battle the stubborn monkey and has worked wonders!  I would thoroughly recommend Lisa - PAWSOME DOG CARE - to anyone and Bella would definitely say the same!  She’s also an awesome lady to know and incredibly caring, fun and reliable. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Heather Pierpoint

West Totton

Our Services

Group Walk

Our walks are safe, enjoyable and offer your dog a chance to get the exercise they need, have fun, play and socialise with the pack. £12 per walk 

Doggy Day Care

A full day of fun. With 2 walks and lot's of play. £25.00 per day. 

Home Collection

We will collect your dog in a fully ventilated van, fitted with comfortable, spacious and secure cages.

Exercise & Play

Your dog will enjoy a 60-90 minute walk, playing and exploring the New Forest with the rest of the group.


At the end of the walk we will give your dog water and a healthy treat, wash their feet off  and wipe them down

Home Time

Your dog is returned home, given a final wipe-down. Relaxed and happy it'll be time for a well earned dog-nap

Home Collection

09:00 -09:30

We will collect your dog in a fully ventilated van, fitted with comfortable, spacious and secure cages.

Exercise & Play

Morning walk in the New Forest with lots of running and playing  with the rest of the group. Then a well earned lunchtime rest


After lunch, our second walk with lots of mental stimulation and games to give your dogs mind a work out too

Home Time

 16:00 - 16:30

Your dog will be returned home and given a final wipe down, to prevent muddy paws. Then look forward to your return home.


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